Were the initial goals for the program addressed?


“Yes, interacting with the dog(s) and therapists, my son’s need to be right was negotiated and other ways of working with him developed.  My son really loved working with the dog and the therapists.”


“Yes, I have noticed significant changes in my daughter’s ability to successfully navigate social situations that would have otherwise ended in withdrawal or meltdown.”


“Participating in canine therapy has boosted my son’s confidence.  He now has a unique set of skills and improved communication ability that he demonstrates with his siblings. It’s been wonderful to see him flourish within our family!”


“I see her excited to come to her class with the dogs and the other children appear happy to be there too – it’s the only form of therapy she looks forward to!”



Has the program been helpful in the current therapies being implemented?


“Yes, this program has been helpful in supporting my son and his progress in expressing and understanding himself.  He enjoyed expressing himself and discussing ideas.”


“My son is currently receiving weekly SLT (speech-language therapy) and participating in the dog program has been a great motivation for him to communicate while training the dogs.” 

“My daughter receives therapy for her mood disorder and participating with the dogs gives her something she genuinely enjoys and can help lift her up when she’s struggling.” 


“Yes, training the dogs helps my son to practice his motor skills – brushing the dogs, giving treats, holding the leash, throwing the ball.  He currently receives OT (Occupational Therapy)”



In what areas, if any, have you seen changes and improvements?

·       Behavioral and Emotional Responses

·       Concentration and Attention to Tasks

·       Peer Relationships

·       Reduction in Anxiety

·       Confidence

·       Family Relationships


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