Irvine Co-Founder



Irvine is a gentle, sensitive and intuitive Golden Retriever with extensive experience working in therapeutic environments. He was raised and trained at the Assistance Dog Institute where he was purpose-bred for Service Dog work.  He began his training with Early Puppy Education at just 3 weeks of age and has since learned over 90 different skills to assist in mitigating a personís disability. 

He has worked with Disabled Children, At-Risk Teens and most recently the Wounded Warriors in the Service Dog Training Program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  His specialty skills include opening doors, turning on/off lights, retrieving dropped items and mentoring young Assistance Dog puppies.

Irvine is a co-founder of Giving Retriever, LLC and his role in the clinical setting is to facilitate the Therapeutic Application of Assistance Dog Training by teaching individuals the skills necessary to train Assistance Dogs.

When he is not at work, he enjoys chasing a tennis ball, hiking, swimming and sharing snacks with our toddler.



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