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Clinical Therapy, Autism, ADHD, Social Anxiety, Self-Confidence

Clinical Canine-Integrated Therapy is a clinically minded session that incorporates the training of a Giving Retriever program dog with a participant’s current therapeutic goals.  The objective of Clinical Canine-Integrated Therapy is to address social, cognitive, physical and emotional challenges in and engaging and progressive therapeutic activity.


Therapy sessions are facilitated by a Canine-Integrated Therapy Provider and a Licensed Clinician who work collaboratively to measure a participant’s progression of skills in areas of: non-verbal communication; verbal communication; interpersonal interactions; problem-solving and planning.  Together, they ensure that each participant receives the maximum therapeutic benefit from every session.


This therapy is available in individual, dyad and group and parent-tot sessions.  The session is moderated by a Canine-Integrated Therapy Provider with the clinical oversight of a Licensed Clinical Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Physical Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist or Special Education Teacher.  It is not necessary for a child to have a dog to participate in this therapy.


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Classroom Enrichment


Giving Retriever Classroom Enrichment brings the Therapeutic Assistance Dog Training Curriculum into Special Needs classrooms.  Students work collaboratively to train the Assistance Dogs while practicing life skills: focus, concentration, patience, timing-sequencing, planning, teamwork and cooperation.  Students who may be fearful or apprehensive learn through observation and may actively begin participating as the program progresses.

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Social Enrichment


Giving Retriever Canine-Integrated Social Enrichment programs are groups designed to promote social engagement, relationship building, perspective taking, self advocacy, and confidence building. Individuals explore working cooperatively with Giving Retriever dogs and peers to create successful outcomes. Participants have the opportunity to observe and learn from each other, and to work independently with the dog to problem solve training challenges working and learning through trial and error. Groups are based on age, participation goals, and ability.

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